Curious cat escapes his carrier mid-flight for some hilarious hijinks

Many people decide to travel with their pets. Of course, pets aren’t generally allowed to freely roam around an in-flight plane. Instead, they’re required to stay in their travel cage for the duration of the trip.

However, this video stars one special kitty who’s found a way to work around the system! He used his travel cage to gain access to this Delta Airlines flight but promptly escaped the cage once he got on board.

We can see the cat—a medium-sized kitty with golden-brown fur and dark spots—sitting on a headrest, taking in his surroundings. The narration reads, “first class kitty got loose during our ascension.”

Adding to the comedic value of the event, we can also hear “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins playing lightly in the background. Despite being in a flying aircraft, this cat seems relatively unconcerned with his situation.

Fellow passengers are whipping out their phones, eager to get their own recordings of this exciting turn of events. He’s easy to film, as the kitty doesn’t move very far.

With so many people around him, there’s a lot for him to look at. He’s glancing all around the cabin but staying between two headrests. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem like the flight attendants have noticed him yet.

How long did the courageous cat manage to explore the cabin before he was returned to his cage? We’re not quite sure, but we wish we had been there to witness this epic escape: he’s definitely earned a place in the “Kitty Hall of Fame!”


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♬ Danger Zone (From “Top Gun” Original Soundtrack) – Kenny Loggins

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Curious cat escapes his carrier mid-flight for some hilarious hijinks