Curious Cat Sees A Mother Moose & Her Baby In The Backyard. Wait Till You See What She Does!

Cats are known to be one of the most curious species on the entire planet. Sometimes, this curiosity leads them to trouble; hence, “curiosity killed the cat.” But thankfully, we don’t have to see anything so gory in this video. This clip shows us an adorable moment featuring a little feline and a moose family. You are going to be all smiles when you see this.

We often see videos of different animal species interacting with each other, and this one is just as cute as the others you’ve seen. However, it is unusual to see two species that are SO different in every way, especially size, showing an interest in each other. They are both quite curious about the other, but things may not go the way you think they will when these two finally meet.

The mother moose and her baby were relaxing in someone’s backyard in Homer, Alaska, when the resident cat came upon them. Ginger the cat goes closer and stalks the mother moose and her son. She tries to get as close as she can to inspect this pair. A mother moose is quite protective of her young and can get violent if she feels threatened, but thankfully she doesn’t feel threatened by this cat who is so much smaller than she is.

But the huge animal has had enough of this curious cat stalking her. She stands up and walks towards Ginger. Probably feeling threatened, the little kitty runs away! I would have too! Look at that huge moose! I guess these two will never have a meeting of the minds.

Watch this cute little encounter below! Did this make you smile? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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