Curious dog befriends butterflies, and their pictures are simply delightful

Curious dog and butterfly

Milo, the Golden Retriever, runs out to the garden every day with his mom Jen. He likes to pick vegetables from his garden. He lives with his mom in California and is curious about anything she is interested in, even while picking up the vegetables.

However, the Golden Retriever is most curious when he meets his butterfly friends. Jen had planted a lot of plants. That is where the Monarch Butterfly lays their eggs. In addition, Jen had started to collect the caterpillars and kept them in the butterfly box.

She wanted to protect these baby larvae from predators and other environmental problems. So, Jen takes care of the caterpillars till they get big. Then, she leaves them in the open garden. However, when she does that, Milo is mesmerized by the beautiful butterflies.

Curious dog and butterfly

He would keep looking at the butterflies and would lay right to where they were. He would never harm them. Even if the butterflies would sit right on his nose or sometimes on his forehead.

He would calmly let the butterflies sit where they wanted to. Milo would be very gentle and patient with them. However, he loves to stick his nose when Jen arranges the flowers for the house every week.

Milo is so gentle with the butterflies that even they are not scared of him. Jen would make a flower tiara for Milo. The butterflies would come and sit on it, making the Tiara more beautiful.

The Golden Retriever treats the butterflies really well, and they are also fond of him. This proves that love and care go hand in hand and shows a genuine and heartfelt relationship between two animal species.

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