Cursive, filmstrips and other things missing from school these days

One of the areas that has been the quickest to change over the years has been education. This short video brings together some nostalgia-inducing changes from the past 40 years.

That is not to say that all the changes that have happened are for the worst. In fact, many of the shifts have been for the better. That being said, some transformations have us longing for “the good old days.”

Do you remember taking movie days? If you were a kid during the 20th century, chances are you will remember the joy of watching a substitute teacher roll in the TV cart.

While students in the 21st century still watch videos in class, nothing compares to the pre-movie excitement when a teacher asks you and a classmate to wheel in the TV on that big metal stand.

One of the more controversial changes in schools is the lack of cursive. Many adults use this looping, fluid style to write more quickly. But for many students today, cursive might as well be another language.

Writing assignments by hand is becoming less common for students nowadays, but many people mourn the loss of this skill. While many of us did not enjoy the handwriting lessons, getting beautiful handwriting was worth the effort!

Are you looking for a trip down memory lane? Then check out this short video! What are memories from your childhood you wish kids today could experience when they go to class?

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Cursive, filmstrips and other things missing from school these days