A customer leaves a $20 tip, but when the waiter unfolds it, he finds THIS!

It is said that there are things that money can’t buy and that the root of all evil is the love of money. While this might be true, you still need to pay your bills at the end of the day. Many people who are working modest jobs must rely on tips to get a heftier check. While people think that they shouldn’t leave a tip because they are already paying for the food, there are others who think it’s only humane to do so.

The tip came to be many years ago as a means To Insure Promptness. This measure was used in pubs and restaurants in Europe and later in America. The tip would be given before the service had been received to bump the customer’s order ahead of the rest. People who went into a pub or a bar, would order their drink and put it a little extra in the tip jar to ensure they got served faster.

In restaurants, a slight variation of this started to take place. People started leaving tips at the end of their meal as a reward for having received good service. The measure started to gain popularity throughout the United States in the 19th century, and soon enough it had reached every corner of the territory. Back then, salaries were much better than what they are today.

Many waiters complain that because of the tipping possibility, many employers have lowered salaries, which has made it necessary for them to rely heavily on the income provided by tips. Do you think it’s fair? Now, people who work as waiters, don’t make as much as people who work as bartenders. It is said that, depending on the venue, bartenders make more money from tips than waiters.

Today, to tip or not to tip is still up for grabs. It’s a personal choice, although some restaurants already include a ‘service’ charge with your check. Leaving the waiters or waitresses an extra tip is totally up to you. Some of them can surely use it as they are sometimes paying their way through college with it or struggling to support a household.

Such is the case of the waiter in the next video. He is a young waiter who uses the money to pay his bills and expenses. One day, he was serving a customer which he had seen a couple of times before. The customer finished his meal and left, not without leaving a $20 bill under the ketchup bottle. He got excited after seeing it and as he was going to show it to one of his co-workers when he unfolded it and found something else!