Customers give a waitress an envelope that she will never forget.

There are certain advantages of working in direct contact with the customers, although the pay and benefits could be a little lower in comparison with other jobs the tips can give an enormous appealing to it, up to the point of having more earnings than a regular salaried job. When the clients felt well treated and have received a good service the amount of the tip given could be affected in appreciation for the hard effort they made.

An ordinary waitress named Brianna Siegel received a pleasant surprise the other night in a restaurant called “Bar Louie” in New Jersey. Brianna saw a nice couple entering the installations so she went immediately to attend them and take their order, they wanted two hamburgers and two drinks nothing out of normal, after a couple of minutes talking and laughing the couple felt a lot of empathy with Brianna and asked her a curious question, they said: “Do you believe in God?” after she responded affirmatively, the couple finished their dinner and paid the bill for 20 dollars, but that wasn’t all…

Instead of giving her a nice tip, they gave her a sealed envelope in addition to the current bill of the food. They told her, that the envelope was a gift and she should open it later that night. Although it was a little mysterious she didn’t give it to much attention and stored it as the couple said.

Once all the labors were finished at the restaurant she went straight back home to see what was inside of the envelope when she opened it the content take her breath away. There was a prayer card and beneath the card, there was a check written for a total amount of 1200$, she could not believe what her eyes were seeing. The note specifically said: “God cares for you, this is not a coincidence. P.S: Whenever it gets hard, know God got you”.

The message had a deep impact on her and she really appreciated that some random strangers could have helped her out so much in these difficult moments.

She didn’t know why above all people they chose her to give away the money, it was a fair question to be asked but the co-workers in the restaurant and the general manager of the place believe that there is no better person to receive it than Brianna. She is a wonderful human being and she is very dedicated to her job, this kind of moral behavior could not be unnoticed by anyone. Considering the high cost of living, Brianna was considering using the money to continue her education and maybe purchase a car to help her get around the city more easily.

What a lovely story to inspire the human heart. If you want to see the full story just click play on the video below and discover how this mysterious couple changed the life of Brianna.