Cute Baby Elephant Sees Goat for The First Time in His Life and Runs Away Screaming

It can be pretty intimidating to meet new people. When you’re a kid, it can even be downright scary. The baby elephant in the video below is brand new and just getting used to the world around her. When a stranger enters that world? He doesn’t know what to do.

This baby elephant just met his first goat, and it freaked him out. The elephant is walking around, turns a corner, and finds himself face to face with something he’d never seen before: a baby goat. Just like in a cartoon, the elephant’s mouth drops open. He lets out a shriek of horror and races away to hide in the legs of his mother.


The goat doesn’t fare much better, beating a quick retreat in the opposite direction. There’s no immediately known reason why these two should be afraid of each other. It could just be that they were shocked, which can lead to intense reactions.

While the video states it’s filmed in Nepal, not much else is known about their relationship. Either way, this elephant’s momentary scare is sure to get a laugh.