Cute Baby Elephant Throws A Roadside Temper Tantrum. Mom Knows Exactly How To Handle It

Parents the world over have had to deal with tantrums. Toddlers, for example, are known for defiance, pouting, stamping their feet, yelling and screaming, crying, and enraged ranting. It can be very trying for parents, but it’s actually a normal part of childhood development, perhaps even their clumsy way of building up force of character. As long as it isn’t your own kid who’s totally losing it, it can also be a very funny thing to watch. What’s even more hilarious — again, as long as you aren’t involved — is when full-grown adults throw tantrums. We see it among celebrities all the time. In some cases their “tantrumical behavior” (try saying that quickly three times) reflects a kind of acquired narcissism. They may have been perfectly normal but then fame and wealth turned them into adult toddlers!

It isn’t just humans who fly off the handle and throw tantrums. Like humans, elephants are intelligent, sensitive creatures. And like their human counterparts, elephant toddlers can throw a hissy fit that would make the most unbalanced opera diva look calm and even-tempered. And this is what you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below.

A herd of elephants has been on the march, but an adorable little baby elephant decides to throw a tantrum. We don’t know if the little one had just gotten tired, wanted a bite to eat, or thought it was too hot out. For all we know, it could have been the elephantine equivalent of a child asking, “Are we there yet?” for the umpteenth time. It’s actually quite amusing to watch the tiny elephant defiantly roll around in the dirt on the side of a road. Mother elephant is no fool. She just walks by, acting like nothing is going on. Instead of encouraging future tantrums by giving in, she knows to allow her little one to let off as much steam as necessary.

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