Cute baby goat and man in an intense argument

From cute selfies to wholesome videos, baby goats are one of the cutest animals you can find on a farm. This one here is just one example of cute and a dash of smartness.

A 3-year-old arguing for candy on a school morning? Or a younger sibling acting up for no reason at all? This adorable goat captured in the video is giving the same vibe. Probably why baby goats are referred to as “kids”?

On what seems like a beautiful day in summer, this man captured an adorable video that we can’t help but woo over. He is seen having a very serious conversion with an undeniably cute goat kid that is not having any of it.

We can’t deny the smooth chemistry between the two. From the excellent communication skills to the uncanny responses from the goat kid, we can say that the two understand each other perfectly.

At some point, the man asks the goat for a kiss, clearly not a solution for whatever the argument is about; the goat spits and turns away. The spectators are heard laughing from the background for obvious reasons.

Male goats tend to bleat that way during the mating seasons, and for this young kid, it seems that he’s coming to age. He looks young, though, so this might be his first season.

If you’re looking for ways to spend your summer, you could be arguing with a goat kid, or you’re doing it all wrong. With close to 5 million views on youtube, this video continues to warm our hearts.

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Cute baby goat and man in an intense argument