Cute baby meets new kitten for the first time

Baby and kitten

The cat’s young one is known as a kitten. These kittens, when born, are totally dependent on their mother for their survival. The young ones take around 5 to 7 days.

Kittens quickly develop within four weeks after their birth and start to roam around the surroundings. However, their mother looks after the feeding needs until they can take care of themselves.

Soon they start to eat solid food as soon as they enter the 5th week and have teeth like an adult. Kittens, when domesticated they are very social animals and love human companionship.

Baby and kitten

Felines have a carnivorous diet and need low carbohydrates. On the other hand, kittens have a lot of energy, so you should make sure that they have highly digestible elements in their diet.

When they stay with humans, Kittens think of them as their own and very affectionate behavior. They are more relaxed and calmer around their family members. However, around strangers, they feel anxious and scared.

Bonding with the kittens is best when they are young, approximately when they are between 2 to 9 weeks old. If a cat follows a human around, it shows its love and affection towards its human.

This is what happened when a cute baby Zlata met her new friend, the kitten Sammy. Both of them instantly share a friendship and love to spend time with each other.

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