Cute Baby Oliver Wakes Up With Every Emotion

Baby Oliver Waking UpOtherwise known as the ORB, little Oliver has gifted the world with a heart-warming journey that lets all of us share in the joy of raising a child. In one of his most comical reactions ever, baby Oliver awakes with a rollercoaster ride of emotions unfolding. Thank goodness dad was there with a camera!

Little baby Oliver is a grown young man, but his whole life has been video blogged right from the start. This clip shows how trivial kiddies can be. Every expression is worn on their faces, as Oliver quite literally shows us here. The only thing that you’ll be feeling after watching is overflowing happiness at just how hilarious this is.

From sound asleep to feeling everything you can think of before being overjoyed by the sight and sound of his father – this tiny tot is sure filled with a lot of emotion. Watching Oliver wake up is one of the funniest things you could hope to see. It’s an event that’ll leave a lasting memory to warm the day.