Cute Biker Gets His First Parking Ticket. The Only Problem? Too Young To Drive!

Being a police officer is tough. People constantly think that the men in blue abuse their powers to push their own agenda. There have been a few protests, in case you haven’t been watching the news lately. That’s not fair to the officers though – an overwhelming majority of them joined so they could help keep the peace. That’s why a video like this is important to help people realize that there are only a few bad apples out there – many are just like this guy.

Constable Shawn, a Halifax police officer, embodies the spirit of a community law enforcement officer. He’d love to work with the people, not against them. That said, he must do what he can to keep everything running smoothly in the town. That includes writing tickets for people who have parked their cars or motorcycles in no-parking zones. We’ve all gotten written up like this… and even though we’ve broken the rules, we still feel aggrieved. It’s an image problem. Enter two-year-old Declan Tramley and his toy motorcycle.

Tramley LOVES motorcycles. He wants to be a biker, he even wears a leather jacket. This is from his seeing other bikers, not from watching, say, “Sons of Anarchy” on television. The toddler scoots around town on his own toy motorcycle. One day, he crossed Constable Shawn’s path – Declan pulled his motorcycle up to the no-parking zone, got off and walked away. Constable Shawn saw an opening for a good-natured lesson. He walked over to the tyke and gave him a pretend ticket.

How did little Declan react? He kicked Constable Shawn in the shin and ran off. Just kidding. He posed for a picture on his motorcycle, pretending to be upset at getting the ticket. The photo was emailed to the Halifax police department, who then posted it all over social media, where it went viral. It humanized Officer Shawn. Of course, some may take a cynical view and think it was exploitative. Those people just want to stay mad at the police. It’s a fun story that Declan will be able to tell his own kids years from now.

This little boy was so adorable. The whole situation was a great learning experience for everyone. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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