This Cute Bunny Loves Playing With Leaves! When You See Her In Action, You’ll Be In LOVE!

Few animals can be as instantly charming and adorable as rabbits and bunnies. Their fluffiness is just irresistible. Just look at the bunny featured in the video just below! She’s aptly named “Bun Bun”, and she absolutely loves playing around the fallen leaves in the autumn season. You can see the bun having fun catching the leaves that her owner was throwing. I’ve never seen a bunny this playful before! Don’t miss her reaction around halfway into the video, she’s just lovely!

Her owner is Amanda Engle. She’s said that Bun Bun was actually rescued from the street, after she was abandoned in a road way. Thankfully, she was able to get her in time, and now they live together in a happy home where she can safely run and play. Bun Bun likes grazing on different weeds around the house, and as we see in the video, clearly has a passion for destroying every single fallen leaf. It’s always great to see cute stories like this one. And who knew bunnies could be so playful?

Watch this adorable bun in the video just below! Do you like bunnies like this one? Tell us all in the comments under the video!

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