Cute Bunny Had To Do THIS For A Trophy. You’ll Be Smiling Ear To Ear, Aww!

Get ready to be thrilled by these high-performance athletes in the Rabbit Grand National. For your information, the Grand National is the biggest steeplechase horse race in the UK, worth $1 million British pounds! This competition borrows the prestigious Grand National name because it features the most awesome jumping rabbits in the world.

Like a horse race, the most important factor is the athlete, which in this case is the bunny, and the other important figure is the trainer. Note that no jockeys are needed for the Rabbit Grand National.

The trainer will have to be next to the athlete leading up to the race. This is true for both rabbit and horse races. The only perceptible difference is that most horse trainers are men while most bunny trainers are women.

A case can be made that we need more diversity there. It’d behoove us to encourage and develop more female horse trainers and male bunny trainers. This can really move us along in the progress of modern mankind, in my opinion.

Now let’s cut to the chase. The most popular rabbit in that year’s Rabbit Grand National in Yorkshire, England, was Maximillian, only 6 months old but he’s the consummate crowd pleaser.

The winner was the hyper and blindingly quick Cherie. She’s from Sweden – there’s a definite international flavor in this game. Cherie put on a powerhouse performance in completing her winning run in just 12.5 seconds! She beat the second place finisher by a couple of seconds and didn’t knock over a single bar.

Should we bring the Rabbit Grand National to America? Do you know any bunny trainers? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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