This Cute Cat Just LOVES To Cuddle With Her New Best Friend!

One of the best things about the internet is being able to watch adorable videos of interspecies animal friendships. This is one of the types of videos that we share the most on here, and it’s because it’s a perfect example of true, innocent happiness. Watching adorable creatures break the barriers that separate them and become best friends is both adorable and humbling.

I can think of many examples, such as farm animals like goats, pigs, and even hens playing together, and there’s also that one video with the bear, tiger, and lion friends who lived together. But this one is somehow even more special than those, and it’s between two friends I never expected seeing together!

The following video shows the amazing friendship between a cat and a fawn, and it’s truly one of the most adorable things that I’ve ever seen. The video shows the moment they first meet, and after sniffing each other a little, they instantly trust each other and just cuddle together for a while. It’s so spontaneous, and yet so wonderful! They met while living in the same animal sanctuary, and it’s a thing of fate that this moment was able to be recorded.

Watch this adorable animal friendship video right below!

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