This Cute Dog Has Found The Perfect Way To Overcome His Fear! You Won’t Believe His Hilarious Solution!

I’m sure it is safe to say that many of have irrational fears that sometimes plague them. I for one, am mortally afraid of frogs and toads! When I see one I used to get petrified, it took me years of mental training to get the nerve to hold one! After that I was still afraid but I no longer froze or hyperventilated. It’s all about learning to cope with your fears! This adorable dog is an excellent example of overcoming this obstacle!

Meet Bentley, an English bulldog from Vancouver, British Columbia, he has an irrational fear of ladders and cables. The dog has struggled with this fear all his life. They used to completely paralyze him, but recently, he discovered a unique way to cope with this fear. In the video below, watch as Bentley approaches a cable and ladder. At first, he’s hesitant. He moves very cautiously, and once he can reach the cables, he immediately turns around and moves backwards over it. Bentley walks like this until he makes it through the doorway. Then, he turns around and walks normally again.

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