This Cute Dog Will Make You Laugh In Less Than 5 Seconds

Puppies are like growing babies in that they need a lot of sleep in order to grow up to be strong, healthy, happy dogs. This is not a secret and this little Golden Retriever in the video really is an expert at sleeping comfortably and staying cool as a cucumber. To see this cute little guy sleeping is the most adorable thing ever, for one special reason!
In this video you will see an adorable Golden Retriever that decides he is tired and jsut flops down on the floor for a nap. He was hot, but this clever puppy found the air conditioning vent and decided to cool off and take a nap. He’s in such a deep sleep that he is totally unaware of his ears flapping in the breeze of the air conditioning. It’s so cute. Fortunately for us, his owner captured the event on video and I’m so glad she did, because it is highly entertaining to watch while this little guy dreams. His ears flapping in the wind reminds me of the dog from the Anastasia movies.

If you love dogs, this video will definitely make your day! But you must be very careful. It might make you want to get a pup of your own and a house with floor vents just to see if you can recreate the moment in the video!

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