Cute Eldest Sister Kate Shows Her Baby Brother Unconditional Love. The Newest Tiniest Baby Causes Tears, Poor Little Kid!

Getting a new sibling can bring many confusing feelings. However, the time to process a new brother can be considered a growing pain. You do not really get to set time aside to deal with things. You just do them, no if’s ands or buts. The new role of older sibling is not easy and very few deal with it as graceful as my dear, darling sister has.

As the newborn baby brother tries to sleep, the two elder siblings find themselves cautiously peering over the edge of a crib. The tiny newborn erupts with a red fury of pain and confusion. She desperately looks around for something to sooth his newest baby brother’s outrage; her mother suggests the song, “Baby Mine.”

As she sweetly sings to her beautiful, newborn baby brother, the sounds of pain that were once loud and constant suddenly cease. With each note carried carefully along to the melody, the wails subsist. The sister just wanted to make the brother happy, for she did not like the sound of him “not happy.” Lyrically, she trips, stumbling for the next verse and in a window of silence, her poor ailed brother erupts once again.

Her father with the fastest thinking begins rehearsing the lyrics aloud. Kate then picks up where her caring father left off, once again relaxing the newly born brethren. Afraid the small amount of fantastic silence would disappear, the quick-thinking Kate reaches for the cutest stuffed animal. Kate leans in and gingerly places it alongside her calm brother. She sighs with relief as the poor little guy has tuckered out the big sister.

This beautiful bond shared by these three siblings just fills me with such a complete sense of contentment. This beautiful sentiment is going to bring them together in the years to come. The love shared between siblings is so pure! What are your thoughts? What would you think of how Kate pacified her adorable baby brother? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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