Cute Fox Gets Himself Stuck In Mommy’s Yard. The Solution Was SO Simple!

Animals can be clever but sometimes that can get them in trouble. They often find that they can get themselves somewhere but extricating themselves from that same situation can be quite difficult. Then they have to rely on someone else to get them out of their predicament. Though getting them to realize what needs to be done can also be confounding. This video here shows that conundrum in action.

We see Riot, who is a domesticated fox, in the backyard of his mommy’s home. That area is fenced off, but the little goofball still wants to try to get out. He’s gotten there because someone moved a brick that blocked a tunnel under the house. He first tries to come out the tunnel but only his head can pop out. What is he going to do? You can see the wheels turning in his brain.

Riot is determined to go out the back way but the fence is preventing him. His mommy is admonishing him that he’s stuck and that he needs to go out the same way that he came in. This is one time that he’s not living up to the “sly like a fox” saying. He goes through the tunnel again and this time he’s able to wedge his whole body out and run off to wherever he wants to go.

Now, this fox’s name is Riot. Now, if his mommy is scolding him about his tunneling, then does that mean she’s reading Riot the riot act? Yes, this is the kind of stuff I think of when it’s early in the morning. Anyways, Riot looks like an adorable pet to have. I know he’s a fox, but there are some angles that he looks like a corgi. Hmm. I’m not allowed to have dogs where I live, but I wonder if a fox would be a loophole…

Wasn’t Riot so adorable? I couldn’t stop watching this video. Could you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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