Cute foxes giggle and chatter during playtime

These foxes know how to enjoy their playtime

Dixie and Muttais are two young foxes who found a home at a rescue farm in Minnesota where a foundation known as Save-a-fox operates. Their lives were probably saved when they were young in the wild.

It is nice to see these foxes run freely in the field healthy and happy. They would have probably met a completely different fate out there since they were either abandoned by their moms or disabled in a way.

The duo is out on the field and Muttais is taking jabs at the resident cat when he spots his pal in the distance. Dixie is eagerly waiting for him in the “play” position, ready to begin their day of fun.

These foxes know how to enjoy their playtime

In no time, the two are sprawling on the ground in what seems like fits of hearty laughter. They certainly seem to be enjoying each other’s company as they lay there for a few minutes.

Watching these sweet animals have the laugh of their lives, it is hard not to join in the laughter as well. It’s just so darn contagious and sweet. We all wish we were in on the joke as well.

On the other side of the field, two other beautiful foxes chase each other around playfully. It sure seems like a lot of fun living on this rescue farm. Especially for the foxes.

With close to seven million views, these foxes are something you sure might want to check out. Just listening to the laughter from the foxes will cheer you up and put a smile on your face.

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