Cute-furry-bunny runs amok, doesn’t know how big his ears are.

Have you ever heard of a “Lop Eared Rabbit”, funny, neither had I until I watched the video below. Lop eared rabbits are a breed of rabbit that originated in England in the 19th century, it is believed to be the first rabbit developed by humans using selective breeding. The funny looking bunnies are known for their extremely long ears. They are also a large body’s rabbit that can weigh up to 12-pounds. It is thought that the Lop eared rabbit is one the oldest domestic bred rabbits.

Their ears can grow as long as 21 – 32 inches from tip-to-tip, now that’s a lot of ear by anyone’s standards. After the rabbit reached 5-months-old, their ears stop growing, which is a good thing if you think about it long and hard. The experts say that the Lop eared rabbit’s body should resemble a mandolin cut in half, but they don’t say in what direction……….I was only joking!

Now the mature English Lops has been called the “dogs of the rabbit world”. Now I don’t know why this is as they are nothing like my Rottweiler!……….again, only joking. They are known in general terms as very placid, some even say lazy. The Lop is also very outgoing, curious and friendly, just like most of man’s best friends can be. They are said to make very good pets, but interaction between children and the Lop, or any rabbit for that matter, should always be supervised.

After watching the clip below, you may think about getting one of these cute-furry-critters for yourself, but there are a few things you need to know. The best age for an English Lop to start breeding is around 10-months-of-age. This particular type of rabbit is quite a prolific breeder, so be careful. When they have a litter they can produce between 5 – 12 babies at a time. There gestation period is only 28 -35 days, so if you decide to have one of these bubbly-bunnies, then you could be in for a very busy year.

Now that I have given you all the information you may need to know, ignore it! The Lop rabbit in the clip bellow is one of the most hyperactive animals I have ever seen, so much for being placid. Lucas the hopping-hyperactive-hare, is certainly a ball of energy as he jumps, hops, runs and leaps all over his house. He even has a problem with those humongous ears, as he tries not to trip over them in his frenzied play time.

I dare you to click on the link below and try to keep a straight face. Lucas will have you rolling in the aisles with his frantic-frolics for all the world to see.