Too Cute! Heartbreaker Adam Levine Apologizes To The Little Girl Who’s In Love With Him!

Kids can be so cute! Sometimes it is hard for them to understand grownup things, and while that can sometimes be frustrating, or even embarrassing, at other times it’s just downright adorable!

For example, when three-year-old Mila found out Adam Levine was married, it broke her heart. This sweet little girl was in love with him! Mom recorded breaking the news to her daughter, and the video went viral.

Ellen saw the little girl’s video online, and decided to bring her onto the The Ellen Show. The two of them visited a bit, and Ellen asked her about her feeling for Adam Levine, now that she knew he was well and truly taken.

Of course, Ellen had more up her sleeve than a little chat on the show. She had arranged for Levine to meet his little admirer in person. As soon as Mira saw him, she was so overwhelmed, she couldn’t even talk!

Watch this adorable interaction between Adam and Mira in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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