Cute hummingbird greets his favorite human everyday

This tiny hummingbird drops by every day to say hello to his best friend. He always joyfully waits outside the window.

Building trust between any kind of animal might be hard to achieve since having their confidence is relatively tricky to get. This is particularly challenging, especially for wild animals such as birds.

However, this is not the case for this tiny hummingbird who longs to have some human friend. When he comes in contact with this friendly guy, their lives have both changed.

It all started when this guy receives a hummingbird feeder from his partner on the exact day he lost his close cousin.

Believing that it has some sort of spiritual connection, he immediately places it on top of the bird feeder outside his window. That simple interaction grows stronger as the bird continually comes back every day.

The guy soon named the hummingbird Hector because of his love for nectar. This unique connection between the two proves to us that humans and wildlife can freely live together.

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Cute hummingbird greets his favorite human everyday