This Cute Kitten Already Knows When To Help Her Puppy Friend Who Needs Some TLC

Some people believe that animals do not have real feelings, that animals never think or that they cannot develop true bonds of friendship between them, the fact is that, they can become better friends, they do have a lot of feelings and also, they don´t necessarily have to be of the same breed of dogs or cats to build a friendship. In some occasions, the breed or type of animals does not really matter when we are talking about true friends and love, those friends who accompany each other in the good and the bad all the time.

You need to see this precious duo of friends to realize that if does exist animals who are true friends, and that they will always be there to help each other during bad times. Zeke, is a little puppy who suffers from severe allergies, and in some occasion, after spending all day getting medication in a veterinarian hospital, he felt tired and completely molten, but his best friend was there to help him and make him feel better.

Usually this pair of friends spend their days playing together and having a lot of fun with each other, but once, Zeke woke up unable to open his eyes to play and feeling very sick. Wiston knew right away that something was not right with his best friend, so this sweet and cute kitten decided to give him lots of love and company to make his friend feel better.

This cute baby kitten hugged his friend and filled him with kisses! He cleaned Zeke’s ears and gave him lots of love so that his friend would improve quickly. He stayed next to his best friend all day long, waiting for him to feel better.  It’s amazing how much love and friendship can join two different breeds of animals; this story is really touching. These two friends will be united forever.

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