Cute Little Dog Stands And Spins For A Treat. The Newest Addition To The Family Follows Suit

Dogs and people go way back. Our canine friends were first domesticated at least 15,000 years ago, near the end of the last ice age. Many dogs were once “working dogs,” with duties like guarding livestock or people, pulling sleds, and catching vermin. In more recent times, it’s become much more common to keep dogs purely as pets. These dogs are more emotionally integrated with their humans than ever and for all practical purposes have become a member of the family. Behaviors that were fine when Fido lived outside in a doghouse and spent his days guarding sheep are problematic for a dog living indoors as a pet. This has led to new forms of dog training.

Sometimes the arrival of a baby can lead to tricky situations when there are pets in the house. Different animals react differently to the new resident. Some are utterly perplexed, seeming to ask, “What is that thing? Is it really a person? But it’s so small!” There are other pets that take to the new human right away. Some dogs eagerly take a protective attitude toward the newest member of the pack. And then there are those cases where the house just isn’t big enough for the two of them.

Here, it’s a happy scenario. When an adorable baby and a cute little dog dance together, everything must be going right. It starts with the dog doing a trick, standing up and spinning around. The cuteness overload really hits when the family’s newest arrival starts spinning along, too. Hopefully, each of them got a well-earned treat afterward!

We’ve posted this ridiculously cute video below. You’ll at least crack a big smile and maybe laugh, too.

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