Cute little girl uses positive affirmations to work through an ouchie

Instead of “There there, it’s alright,” this little girl’s mommy has taught her things like “I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worthy.” Notice the dramatic effect it has on the child.

The temper of a small child can be like a hurricane crossbred with a rollercoaster. So the parent that can calm a child in the throes of being upset truly has something going for them.

This little 2-year-old smashed her fingers in a door, and I know that when I hurt myself like that, I was howling as long as I could feel my digits throbbing.

But this mommy has an extra special trick up her sleeve for quelling the storm before it starts. She has trained her daughter to recite positive affirmations.

First, the trauma victim takes a few deep breaths. Her distress almost bursts through a couple of times, but mommy has her breathe until she’s okay for a minute.

Then she has her daughter say things like “I am worthy, I am strong, I am loved, I am beautiful.” The effect on the child is almost magical. You can see the recovery in her eyes.