Cute Miniature Horse Is Just Three Days Old, But He Will Melt Your Heart Instantly

It’s obvious to us all that horses are some of the most beautiful creatures that we have ever been fortunate enough to meet. They are famous for their strong character, calm and confident mind, and unending determination, and they have been our companions for hundreds of years. This is the image that comes to people’s minds when they think of horses, but did you know they can be absolutely adorable as well? Even a horse can’t be majestic and elegant all the time.

The video below gives us wonderful insight into the life of a mini horse who was just three days old at the time of the recording. He has barely walked on this Earth, but he already shows that he is ready for all the things that are to come, and he will stop at nothing to show his enthusiasm to us all! This little horsey is the most energetic and cute friend I’ve ever seen. I only wish I could have one with me now because I get the feeling these miniature horses would be an endless source of entertainment.

The man who takes care of the little horse is named Sterling, and he’s seen in the clip as he starts jogging, with his cheerful friend following right behind. It’s amazing how he’s barely lived at all, and yet he can be so agile! What a wonderful sight to behold.

Enjoy the video of this adorable and beautiful mini horse right below, we’re sure you’re going to love him!

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