This Cute Monkey Get Groomed By His Best Human Friend. His Face Is Just PRICELESS!

Are you having a bad day? Don’t worry, the video we put below will surely take care of that right away. Do you know that feeling of being perfectly comfortable, to the point of even feeling pampered? That’s how the monkey in the video feels after sitting in a sink besides his human friend. He lies down looking as comfy as one could ever be, and the way he relaxes along with his caretaker is just contagious. You have to see him for yourself!

You can see him being groomed and brushed by his human friend, but the cutest moment is when he starts brushing his teeth at the same time! According to experts, grooming and hygiene are huge parts of the daily social lives of every primate, and you really wouldn’t doubt it after you watched this video. Just imagine getting up in the morning every day and getting ready to work alongside a monkey friend like this one, how cool would that be? If you asked me, I’d tell you it would be the most awesome thing.

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