Cute otter rolls the dice and wins the hearts of millions

otter rolls the dice

The otters Hana and Kotaro watch their human friend as he tries to learn dice stacking. Dice stacking is the juggling technique where you scoop up dice with a cup and stack them onto a single pile.

Hana is the first to guide the human. She watches closely as he keeps trying to get the dice onto a stack. But he just keeps failing again and again.

Across the table, Hana sits comfortably in a chair. She tries to play with the dice to guide her friend. She climbs onto the table after a few more failed attempts at dice stacking.

otter rolls the dice

Even with Hana’s help, he can’t seem to get it right. Kotaro steps in and is confused about what is going on. He watches as his human friend shakes dice in a cup.

The two cute otters eat and drink while watching the dice stacking journey. In time the human goes to do more study and research into how to juggle the dice successfully.

The human returns to the cup and the dice and can finally stack them consistently. Kotaro has fun and knocks down the stack, but his human friend has no issue making it again.

Eventually, the otters lose interest in the dice stacking, and Kotaro goes to sleep. While he tries to sleep, Hana shows off her juggling skills which makes a lot of noise.

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