Cute Parrot Dials Up An Imaginary Phone Number. But It’s His Next Words That Cracked Me Up!

The video below features a parrot called Larry. This little guy might as well be the funniest bird you will ever come across. Parrots are one of the most entertaining things on the planet. They can imitate not only speech, but different other sounds as well. But wait till you see what Larry the bird does in this clip! Even his owners couldn’t stop their laughter!

What he his saying in this video might not be clear, but it is plain as day that he is trying to copy the sounds of a dialing phone. He even imitates a hysterical conversation. According to his owner, they can only understand about half of what Larry’s saying, but they think that is what makes it so funny. They write in the description, “This must be what we sound like to him.”

Parts of Larry’s conversation to himself are understandable, and I think it is definitely what they sound like to him. The hellos and goodbyes in his conversation on his imaginary phone sound just like a human is saying them. He even has the tone and nonchalant attitude down when he says goodbye.

His owners must also have a pretty good sense of humor because Larry sure does a lot of laughing in these phone conversations with himself.  His laugh sounds very human, and much like a man’s laugh. I think his laugh is the best part of the conversation he has with himself. This bird is not only beautiful, he’s hilarious as well.

Watch this funny parrot below! Did Larry crack you up? Feel free share what you think in the comments section!

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