This Cute Parrot Is Showering. But When You See What He Does There? Hilarious!

Having animal friends living with you is great, because they make life happier and more easygoing. Sometimes, after a long day of working, all you want is to get home and relax, and having some friends to welcome you every day is priceless. The most popular pets around are usually dogs, cats, and birds, because they get along with humans just fine, and they’re very expressive. Parrots are particularly common bird pets, because of their fun way to repeat everything they hear. They are smart, quick learners, and can bring hilarious moments to your everyday life!

On the video featured today, you will see a parrot of a breed called white belly Caique. His name is Oliver, and he’s the cutest and most amusing bird you can imagine. His owner and friend says that, just like any human, he loves to sing when he is showering. You don’t want to miss this talented and friendly pet’s melodic voice! It’s both amusing and heart-melting. This particular kind of parrot is found in several parts of South America, in the Amazon Basin. They’re beautiful, and great singers too!

You can hear Oliver’s amusing performance in the clip just below. And don’t forget to tell us what you thought about it in the comments!

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