Cute Pit Bull Gets Intimidated By A Tiny Chicken. She Will Warm Your HEART!

If you’ve seen our other videos before, you might have a clue of one of our favorite dog breeds ever. Pit bulls are really lovely for us, because despite their fearsome appearance, they are just huge babies with muscles, in the end.

The video we brought to present to you today features a very peculiar Pit bull named Mina who, despite her size, will definitely make you fall in love with her! If you’ve ever met or had a pit bull, you know they can be as shy as smaller pooches, but you’ve surely never seen one like her before!

This one-eyed cutie who was rescued from the streets is about as vicious as a Pomeranian puppy. In the following clip, you can see her react to her parent’s new acquisition, a tiny baby chicken. Mina seems pretty confused by the small creature, so she avoids it as much as she can, even if she’s a lot bigger than him! The chick himself was brave, and when he tried to get close, Mina backs up and keeps her distance from the little bird, and it’s adorable!

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