Cute pup shows off his best tricks

Adorable pup impresses audience with his outstanding talent

When Lucy walks onto the stage with her adorable little pup Trip Hazard in hand, the audience can’t contain its excitement. Even the judges are already in love with him before even seeing him perform.

Trip is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Maltese. Trip and Lucy had been together for close to one and a half years. She began teaching him some cool tricks as soon as she got him.

The little fellow has been quite a good learner and has even been featured on a couple of tv shows. Lucy says that although talented, this little guy can be quite shy at times.

Adorable pup impresses audience with his outstanding talent

Intending to show the nation that little dogs like Trip aren’t just meant for handbags, Lucy brings him onto Britain’s Got Talent to show off his extraordinary talents.

When he gets into his dog dancing act, Trip doesn’t hold back. He delivers a wonderful performance, and everyone is impressed. The audience can’t contain its excitement when he is on stage.

When the music finally starts, and the performance begins, everyone is all smiles. His dog dance is just so cute. You just can’t resist his charms. It’s almost like he was born dancing.

Garnering more than eighty-five thousand views on Youtube, most would agree that this pup will make you want one of your own. Watching him is sure to make your day.

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