Cute Puppy Has His First Case Of The Hiccups, And His Reaction Is ADORABLE!

The greatest thing about adopting a newborn doggy is watching them as they grow bit by bit every single day, and seeing how they discover everything in the world. Puppies are full of curiosity and innocence, and they can get completely shocked and amazed by the simplest things. And sometimes, the strangest things can come from inside instead of outside, as the pup in the video below knows that for sure.

The cute little Australian Shepherd puppy is named Buck, and he was just 8 weeks old when this video was recorded. Buck looks very cute as he’s sitting in a car seat beside his owner, and he was very surprised when this started happening inside him. The pup got his first case of the hiccups, and he’s as confused as you can expect!

Buck was quite shocked when he got his very first case of the hiccups, and he started to react angrily about it! He started barking louder and louder as the hiccups kept repeating, and he clearly had no idea of what was happening or how to stop it. He’s so innocent, I just want to snuggle him!

You can see the adorable little Buck in the video right below.

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