Cute Puppy Makes A Mess During His Special Valentine’s Day Surprise. AWW!

Few things in this world are as adorable and precious as a cheerful, playful young puppy. I just adore how they’re always in the mood for cuddles and fun, and the noises and antics they make are too cute to be real. If you love puppies like me, you’ll certainly fall in love when you see the video that we brought for you right below! On it, we meet a golden retriever pup who was adopted by the famous gaming YouTuber TmarTn. He likes to add some variety to his videos, so he sometimes sneaks in a quick video showing his pups adorableness, and this one in particular made my heart melt.

He posted this video around last Valentine’s day, the first one for this cute pup. He got him all fixed up with a red collar made just for him. He even got him some presents, including a cute toy for him to play with, and he immediately starts chewing on him happily. But the funniest part is right at the end, were after being pampered and charming us for a couple of minutes, he has the most hilarious accident.

You need to see that for yourself, it’s right below! Don’t you just love puppies like this one?

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