Cute puppy talks to his groomer. The owner records video that has the internet in hysterics.

Have you ever had one of those one-sided conversations where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get a word in? Now we all know that the dog is man’s best friend, but even dogs can stretch the bonds of friendship too far sometimes.

When a cute little puppy is taken to the doggy salon for is weekly bath, it has the whole place in stiches as conversation between Puppy and groomer ensues, fortunately for all of us, this cute little canine’s owner caught it all on video. What? Are you surprised? I’ve had canine friends for over 20 years, and if there is one thing that describes them best is that they don’t like to lose an argument. Has it ever happened to you that you are asking your dog, who has just eaten away at the sofa or some valuable, why he did it? They will start to cry and mumble words as if trying to tell you that it wasn’t his fault.

Dogs have their own way of communicating to us humble human beings, we just sometimes miss-read the signs. There are many stories of dogs saving the day by alerting their owners of impending danger, or of an unwanted visitor or even warning us about the environment we live in. Animals can sense things like earthquakes before they happen, we just need to understand them.

I remember this one time when a dog made headlines for saving his owner. The elderly woman had a heart condition she was taking medication for. She had one of those emergency call buttons, where you push to get a phone call and emergency assistance. One day, she started feeling dizzy, and before she could push the button, she fainted. Her dog heard her falling and went to see what he could do. Once he saw her on the floor, he went to get a neighbor’s attention. The neighbor went to check on the woman and called 911, saving the woman’s life. If it hadn’t been by her dog, she wouldn’t have made it.

We train our dogs to sit, stay, and roll-over by using simple terms that they can understand. My own dog understands two different languages, these creatures are smarter than we give them credit for, so maybe it’s time we paid more attention to our pets than we have in the past.

The furry little fellow in the clip below has so much to tell that his groomer she can’t help but be in raptures over the puppy’s gestures and voice, he even sounds like he is calling his mamma. Click the link and take a look at this video and start your day with a smile as this adorable ball of fluff will capture your heart and imagination.

If only we could talk doggy, what stories this little chap could tell…..if only she would turn the faucet on and get on with my bath.