Cute Saint Bernard puppy playing with goats

Goat kids wowed by fluffy puppy

This cute Saint Bernard pup just got introduced to the goat herd, while the goat kids are still shying away from her, we can’t get over how cute they all are.

Frances, a playful Saint Bernard puppy that was born deaf was recently brought to this loving home. Clearly, she’s eager to make new friends as she runs along.

Puzzled by Frances, the curious goat kids stare and she warmly wags her tail, an indication that she’s ready to be part of the herd? She is seen following the goat kids everywhere.

Goat kids wowed by fluffy puppy

Mildred, the least shy of the herd, takes a keen interest in Frances taking her time sniffing the cute pup, who they’ll be inseparable with later.

Frances is seen mimicking Mildred later, while they continue bonding. At this point, Frances is less shy and they engage in a chase game. While the rest of the herd runs off, Mildred still wanders around Frances.

With Mildred as the cute Saint Bernards wingman, it’s safe to say she’ll be fine. The two developed a beautiful bond and are seen sharing milk bottles in their other cute farm videos capturing their wholesome moments.

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