A cute Shih-Tzu climbs down the stair for his first time, and everyone came down to help!

There are times when the best thing that you can do for one of your loved ones is giving them a bit of tough love. It’s just something that everyone needs a little bit, from time to time. And this video shows a perfect example of when something like that is necessary. In the clip, two adorable puppies are starring: Reese and Charlotte, and they are both absolutely cute, yet they still have a very important difference between them: their ability to come down a flight of stairs.

Charlotte gets the hang of it very quickly, but Reese seems to be quite challenged at it in change. He’s very afraid of walking down the stair by himself, and his mom kindly offer him her help and tries to show him how to do it by example. He might have to do it alone better, but for now, doing it with the help of his mother will have to suffice.

The thing that blew me away was the way Reese got around coming down the stairs. He was scared to death, sure, but he never let that stop him from getting what he wanted, and that surely shows in his glorious moment recorded on video!

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