I’ve Been Watching Cute Animal Videos All Day, But THIS ONE? OMG!! I COULDN’T HANDLE IT!

In what is definitely the cutest video of the day, we get to hang out with Judy, a sloth specialist that has devoted her life to taking care of orphan sloths. Judy has a new pair of sloths to look after, twins Violet and Sebastian. The two are inseparable and super cute.

Because these sloths are orphans, they don’t have their mother with them to breastfeed them. As a result, Judy gives them goat milk. Goat milk however lacks the mother’s antibodies which makes the little sloths prone to infection. Unfortunately, Violet and Sebastian have gotten some nasty bugs in their fur and Judy has to treat them before the bugs spread. Swaddling them is probably the most amazing thing we’ve seen all day!

In the end Violet and Sebastian have their own little pajamas and look absolutely stunning!

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