This Cute Squirrel Was Eating A Snack. When You See Him Do It, You’ll Fill With Joy!

Sometimes, we all just need to take a break. And if that break includes a cute squirrel eating a cucumber, then we’re set for something special! In the video that we featured for you just below, we will meet an adorable squirrel enjoying his favorite snack: a tasty cucumber! Some animals look even more adorable when they’re eating, and this squirrel is definitely one of them. As he nibbles on the delicious treat, you can see him licking himself over and over. He really can’t get enough!

The little guy we meet in the video is a Richardson ground squirrel, and they are mostly herbivores; which means they only eat plants and vegetables, but they are also known to eat insects, such as grasshoppers. The cucumber he enjoys on the video is totally organic and fresh, so it should be a big treat for him. It makes me want to have one for myself too!

Enjoy the video below, and let us know what you thought in the comments!

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