This Cute Therapy Dog Shows All Of Her Incredible Talents

Don’t you agree that dogs are seemingly getting smarter as time goes by? The idea might sound crazy to some, but as new videos featuring dogs surface on the internet, I begin to realize the crazy things that so many of them are able to achieve. When a dog has a deep and meaningful relationship with their human parent, and they live life to their fullest, they can become truly great. A great dog can benefit many people, not just their owners, as you will see in this next clip.

The following video shows a dog who is still very young, but despite this, she is as clever as you could imagine. You might recognize her from other videos that we have shared before: it’s Misa Minnie, a Yorkshire Terrier who has gained fame all over the world thanks to her videos recorded in her sunny hometown in Southern California, where she shows her incredible intelligence! You just have to see her for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

Besides her usual wits, Minnie shows how she has gotten a new job as a therapy dog, and she now helps sick children in hospitals be happier by paying them visits and playing with them often. She is perfect as a therapy dog, partly because there isn’t an intimidating bone in her tiny body. It’s so adorable to see a dog do something as noble as this!

You can watch Minnie’s incredible therapy job in the video that follows, and if you love it, share it with your friends on Facebook!

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