Cute Yellow Labrador Makes All The Difference For The Kids Of This Special Ed Class!

The love that dogs have for us is compelling because, unlike what naysayers might think, it’s one hundred percent unconditional and without any special interest. What’s amazing about pups is that they give all the love they have without expecting much more than a pat in the back or a bowl of food in exchange. And the best part? When properly trained, dogs can do the most amazing things to help us humans, even things that would leave people in shock! The following video tells us the story of Beamer, a young Labrador of just 2 years of age who’s already a sensation at a special education center, in a Massachusetts elementary school.

This dog spends every day from Monday to Friday working very hard for the special needs class that Beth Keane teaches at Nathaniel Morton Elementary School. She decided to bring the dog in to give the kids permanent attention and love that didn’t come from an authority figure. It really helps their emotional development and their self-esteem, and as the sweet teacher in the video says, the kids are now happier than ever thanks to him!

Don’t you love cute stories like this one? You can watch it for yourself right below!

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