The Cutest Burro Ever Kicks Back in That Hammock, Way Too Comfortable To Move!

Hammocks are great. Give me sunny weather, a nice breeze, and a good drink, and I can lie in one for hours. It’s a perfect summertime activity. Preferably in-between two trees with plenty of shade so that I don’t resemble a lobster when I finish. Yes, I do like them – but I don’t think I would have ever considered doing what the people in this video did.

Honestly, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the people here were talking amongst themselves and said, “You know who would probably like this? That donkey over there!” “How much have you had to drink?” “A case of beer.” “That explains it.” But it seems to have worked out well. The donkey is laying there, blissed out while swaying from side to side. Nobody seems to be nursing any nasty kick injuries.

Though I’m sure that something like this would require the same warning that would air on the “Jackass” TV show (how fitting!) – “Don’t try this at home. Seriously.” I’m sure that getting the donkey onto the hammock required a team of trained knuckleheads. The thing about it is that it seems like it’s a family pet. I see children’s feet in the background and a little dog roaming around too. Ahh… I know what happened now. The children dared the parents to do this. They had to have.

Actually, you know what was probably the hardest thing about all this? Not getting it on there… once it got comfortable on there, getting it OFF was probably more difficult. “OK, my turn to use the hammock! Let’s get him off! He’s not budging! Ow! My back! I’ll just lay here on the floor, thanks. The cool tile feel good… No, no ambulance, yet.” Remember how stubborn donkeys are. This family may have to learn that again the hard way.

This made me want to go find a donkey in a hammock. What did you think? Leave a comment for us!

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