The Cutest Four-Year-Old Stops 6 Large, Hungry Pit Bulls From Their Dinner. There is No Way This Is Real! I am Shocked!

This large family has spent many tough years training adorable baby pit bulls to be part of their family, to be part of the pack. Each with their own cute personality, these precise dogs have never gotten out of line. Even when small babies have yanked at their sensitive ears, they remained on point. This respect is cultivated through the pack mentality and shows the dedication of both dog and loving owner.

The day started out innocently enough for the family of 4. They each went to school or work, returned and played with the family dogs. Six massively muscular pit bulls play fetch and chase the humans playfully. The possibility for a dog as big as that to hurt most people is high. Probably pretty high up on that scale. Yet no major injuries to date, no bites and no scratches, but how did they train six separate pit bulls to form into a single pack?

Today marks another feeding time for the numerous perky pit bulls. There seems to be something different about today though. The usual owner is not serving out the food, but to take her place is her adorable four-year-old daughter, just off from school. This pigtailed food master demonstrates what you can accomplish through training, mutual love, and discipline. Just the most touching scene, it warms my heart and inspires my soul.

The talented young dog wrangler calls them all out into the kitchen. The pre-meal meeting is done nightly, to gain this defined breed of dog’s absolute focus and attention. With every patient pup seated, the ritual for the circle of food can begin. The tiny four years old can barely carry the heavy plastic gallon filled with delicious kibble. With every step this youngster takes, she spills more and more. What an absolute mess! Nevertheless, when she does not see this dog coming, I screamed. What do you think? Would you have done things differently? We would love to hear from you, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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