Cutest Hedgehog EVER Finds Puppy Love… With Dachshunds! My Heart Soars!

I’m SUCH a sucker for stories about unusual animal friendships. A cat and an iguana? Give me five hours of footage. A gecko and a fruit bat? That’s really stretching the definition of “unusual”, but sure. That’s cool. But nothing compares to this. Two dachshunds and a hedgehog. Now THAT is ADORABLE. Admit it. It’s the most adorable pairing you’ve heard of.

You have doubt in your eyes. I see that. I can understand. “Why would the sight of two elongated dogs and a prickly hedgehog have you so gaga over this?” To that, I just point to the video below for Exhibit A for evidence in my case. Watch it and then tell me that seeing the two dogs, Maya and Peanut, posing for these photos with Minnie, the hedgehog, didn’t warm your heart to nearly the temperature of the sun.

Some people can’t get past the prickly part. I can respect that. As a response, I just motion to Minnie’s eyes. Also, her long, twitchy nose. Are you not mesmerized by that? She’s the best, and there’s nothing you can say that will deter me. Need more proof? Check out the Instagram account @minniethesausage. There, you can look at many of the photos from the video in even sharper color. Swayed yet?

I acknowledge that this may still not have tilted the deck in my favor. You’re a hard person to persuade. I like that. You drive a hard bargain. I’m sure that going with you to anything that involves negotiations must be a pleasure to watch. Leasing a car. Bank loans. Peace treaties. But this is the final card up my sleeve. Look at the Instagram account again. There are some pictures without Minnie. They show Maya and Peanut in pajamas. Game over. You’re a convert now.

This video was awesome. I could also look at those photos all day. What did you think? Tell us!

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