The Cutest Thing We’ve Seen All Week Is This Cat Discovering His Love For Bananas

It seems that nobody ever gets tired of cute cat videos. One of the reasons they continue to perch atop their throne and seize our attention is because they never stop surprising us with their antics. Even when we thought we had witnessed all of their cute behaviors, they do something new that baffles and amazes us.

We’ve all seen videos of cats reacting to different types of food. They tend to be extremely picky animals, so we never know what they’re going to hate or enjoy. When cat parents discover a food their furry friend actually loves to snack on, they often stick with it until the end of time. This owner found out through trial and error that their kitty holds a pretty intense love for something quite unexpected…bananas!

Although we’re used to seeing cats engage in more carnivorous behavior, something about the fruit really appealed to Mao the cat, causing him to munch like crazy on his new favorite food. He isn’t the only cat to take a liking to this treat, either. Lots of adorable kitties are going absolutely bananas over this delicious snack!

In case you were worried about potential health risks, you can get peace of mind knowing that the ASPCA has stated there seem to be no dangers in feeding this fruit to your cats. That being said, researchers have yet to find any benefits in doing so…besides the benefit of making your cat happy, that is!

Cats continue to surprise us with their preferences! It’s adorable how excited Mao is to take on his new favorite fruit. Watch his reaction when his owner holds the banana further from his reach! Share this video with your friends and comment letting us know whether or not you’ve tried feeding bananas to your cat yet!