Everybody Needs Some-bunny, Right?

There are moments in life in which we all wonder how anything could possibly ever be any cuter. We feel this way when we see babies, when we see animals and when we see newborn animals. This video proves that no matter how cute something is, there is always something cuter.

Take, for example, a bunny. It’s cute. It’s adorable. What’s cuter than a tiny bunny? What about a kitten? Those are about the cutest things that ever lived, right? Absolutely; no one is going to argue that point. But what about a bunny that’s cuddling with a cat?


Okay, now we’re talking. This video has cats, kittens, and bunnies – so many bunnies. There is so much cuteness in this video you may need to pause now and then.

Enjoy this compilation clip, and I won’t be surprised if you are off to find yourself a bunny to have at home and keep your cat company. So cute and fluffy.

Everybody Needs Some-bunny, Right?