Dachshund Absolutely Destroys Snow Dog In Back Yard One Snowy Weekend!

This Dachshund definitely doesn’t allow intruders of any kind into his territory on his watch. No Sir! With winter in full blast and snow surrounding every possible surface, this video is proof of how you can while away the hours and have some winter fun.

With a lot of snow expected and experienced this season, this human decided to try a different take on the conventional snowman and built a version of his pet Dachshund instead. But watch how his pet pooch reacts to the snow dog when he sees it standing in the back yard.

Created to mirror the Dachshund, complete with eyes and nose, Crusoe the Dachshund slowly goes up to it and gives it a sniff, trying to identify any possible scent. What he does next really surprises his owner when he goes into Kung-fu mode and smashes the snow dog systematically, unrelenting until the entire snow creature has been reduced to snow rubble.

I loved this video because it shows such a fun element of snow and winter. With a lot more snow expected, you can be sure to see a lot more snowmen and snow creatures popping up all over the place! Just make sure you and your pet pooch are bundled up, nice and warm.

It really does seem like Crusoe had a lot of fun pulverising the snow dog into pieces with his kicks. This dog sure means business! Did you watch the video? Does your pet react the same way to snowmen or snow creatures? Let us know your stories! We love hearing from you. Send us your messages in the comments section below.

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