Dachshund Gets To Play With A Very Old Toy. His Giddiness At Getting To Do This Is Infectious.

It happens to almost all of us. We’re digging around in our attic or our old childhood home. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Then you see it – that toy that you used to play with all the time as a kid. You pick it up and admire it. Then you kick yourself for not keeping it in its original case, where it could be worth $3,949,490 on today’s market. Eh. It’s the memories that count. Just like this video shows of Finn, a dachshund who gets to see a toy that had been missing for five years.

When Finn’s mommy shows him Piggy, his long-lost squeaky toy, you’d think that she showed him gold. He’s wiggling around, his elongated body shaking with delight. He even starts making a sound, a happy one, that he hasn’t made in five years. The memories must be flooding back to him when he’s got Piggy in his mouth. It’s like listening to a song from my teen years that I haven’t heard in a while. Sheer pleasure.

At the end of the video, Finn accidentally knocks Piggy off the sofa. I think that the sound he makes as the video fades to black is the doggie equivalent of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I’m sure that his mommy picked up the toy and gave it right back to him, I’m sure. It’s so great to see this reunion, since it looks like Finn is getting up there in years.

We all have our things that make us nostalgic. I love finding books that I read a long time ago – it’s like being reunited with an old friend. Also, I recently got my baseball cards that I’d collected a long time ago back. Man, that was fun to just sit and flip through the cards that I thought would make me independently wealthy. No. I’m not independently wealthy from baseball cards…

I loved watching Finn’s reaction to seeing his old toy. Have you given your pooch an old toy? Our cat has one toy that’s like 10 years old and he STILL loves it. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and please “Like” us on Facebook.

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