Dachshund Puppy Sees New Insect Visitor On Floor. His Reaction Is SO Precious!

It’s a fact of life, when the weather gets warm, wherever you live, there are going to be bugs that somehow make their way into your supposedly impregnable fortress of a home. If you’re lucky, you have a pet that can quickly dispose of the worse offenders – though I rescue every ladybug that makes their way into my house. Take a look at this video that shows one rambunctious pooch welcoming a new insect visitor.

We see a dachshund pup that’s just spotted a bug that’s walking on the floor. “Oh boy! Oh boy! A new toy! A dot that moves! Hmm… doesn’t seem like a terribly expensive toy. Maybe Mommy and Daddy are running a little low on money. Oh well! This is going be fun! I’m going to sniff it! Wait. Why is it stopping moving? Let me run around a bit more! Time to sniff it again! Yayyyy! “

The pup is overwhelmed with excitement, whereas the bug is more like, “Please, just leave me alone. Your slobber is already starting to immobilize me.” The pooch bounds around the place, staring intently at this dot that moves. It’s unlike anything that he’s seen in his life, and h’s going to enjoy playing with it… well, until it stops moving for good or “disappears” under his paw, since chances are good he’s gonna step on it one time.

My cats are more like, “Hey! A bug! Let me squash it and then eat it.” One thing I hate is when I’m sitting there reading or doing work during the summer and I see them staring intently at the ceiling. I basically just sigh and say, “It’s a bug, isn’t it?” I have to say, for animals with supposedly catlike reflexes, this duo must have been standing behind the door when those abilities were being handed out. Bugs run CIRCLES around them. This dog here does a better job of locating them…

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